The Lab physical space features several rooms. The heart of the lab is the monitoring and controlled experiments space, two rooms separated by a one way mirror. The Lab includes also a very large room used for teaching diverse courses and for large design workshops as well as user research studies with a large group of subjects. We also used different others rooms, offices and even apartments of LUT. They are used for experiments and studies that require a real world living and working spaces, like any living lab.The technology infrastructure of lab is built around a server and a cloud environment. It distinguishes a fully equipped design studios featuring various tools for prototyping, data collection and analysis, observation workstation, etc.

Most of the software tools in the lab are accessible to researchers, students and partners in the format of services. We also use specific tools that we developed over years to support our own methodology for user experience-driven design and innovation. This includes QUIM, P2P Mapper and UXModeler that are the results of our own research.