The lab has been designed to support a wide range of user experiences research studies and user-oriented tests that are major milestones in most of our applied and fundamental research projects. User-oriented tests are a step beyond the traditional usability testing. User testing include also prediction, assessment and well as testing all those quality attributes that define the human perceptions of software quality such as privacy, trustfulness, usefulness, accountability, etc.

CODER is used to study how stakeholders interact with software developers when engineering software and how users, stakeholders and developers collaborate when engineering, using and managing large scale software-intensive systems and systems of systems.

The lab is a place for bridging the gaps between design disciplines (design science research in MIS, user experience design in HCI, design thinking in engineering and innovation), software engineering, human-computer interaction and open innovation. The lab help us as academic software engineering researchers to creating and validating new methods and tools for human-centric software engineering as well as empirical software engineering. Some the tools we are developing includes UXModeler, sustainability innovation by design toolbox as well as an integrative measurement model for quality in use.

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