Lab manifesto

We, the founding members and partners of the CODER Lab, consider CODER to be  a unique lab for design and innovation, bringing together the following in one place:

  • Showroom to demonstrate innovative applications, design concepts and practices
  • Forum for meeting of all stakeholders in design
  • Research facility to advance design theories and practices
  • Industry incubator for helping industry partners to develop their solutions
  • Gateway for engaging  a wide community of users, citizens and ICT consumers

To support this,  we are uncovering better ways of designing software products, systems and services by doing it ourselves and by helping others do it. Our work is underpinned by the following core values:

  • CODER addresses the human factors and experiences in the entire software and systems engineering and innovation process.
  • CODER is an open user-centric incubator that aims to involve the current and future users of software and systems, developers, designers and engineers as well as all other stakeholders that have an interest in the software and system being developed or used. It can be policy makers, legislators, citizens, and business managers.
  • We understand that stakeholders bring different skills to a co-design process and we value these skills whilst finding ways to support these stakeholders in the areas where they have less expertise. This is particularly important when designing complex software products that combine humans, data, software and physical systems.