Courses and

industry Tutorials

The lab is heavily used for teaching a very wide range of courses in computer science, software engineering, industrial management, service design and design thinking as well as organization and consumer behaviors research. Courses are about usability testing, user experience and design thinking, innovation, collaborative work, HJCI, user research, etc. ...


Lab Infrastructure

User Experience Tools

The Lab physical space features several rooms. The heart of the lab is the monitoring and controlled experiments space, two rooms separated by a one way mirror. The Lab includes also a very large room used for teaching diverse courses and for large design workshops as well as user research studies with a large group of subjects. We also used different others rooms, offices and even apartments of LUT. They are used for experiments and studies that require a real world living and working spaces, like any living lab. ...



Research Projects

Tools demonstration

The lab has been designed to support a wide range of user experiences research studies and user-oriented tests that are major milestones in most of our applied and fundamental research projects. User-oriented tests are a step beyond the traditional usability testing. User testing include also prediction, assessment and well as testing all those quality attributes that define the human perceptions of software quality such as privacy, trustfulness, usefulness, accountability, etc. ...


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