Equipment and facilities

The following equipment is available in the CODER lab. Please contact the person responsible if you need support on using any of this equipment.

Small items may be available for short term loan and use. Please discuss with the responsible person. We do not promise availability of small items if they are already in use on other projects.

Equipment/facilities Description Responsible
Interactive wall UBI interactive display which turns one wall of CODER lab into a touch screen  Annika Wolff
CODER server For storing data or deploying software.  Shola Oyedeji
Morae software Morae software for usability testing and user experience research  Annika Wolff
Overhead cameras and microphones Overhead cameras can be used to record and capture lab activities for experimentation. Please note the need to comply with ethical practice about the use of recording.  Annika Wolff
Ipads  Annika Wolff
Mobile phones  Annika Wolff
Home automation devices  Annika Wolff
 Eye-tracking device   Tobii pro x3-120  Outi Tuisku