The CODER Living is being used intensively for fundamental research, mainly conducted by the member of the HCI/Cyber Physical System Group. It is viewed as a common research infrastructure that brings together different user and design research tools while increasing our capacity in conducting multidisciplinary research about the HCI/human aspects in software and systems design, engineering and innovation. CODER is also a unifying framework for research in computer science, software engineering, systems and industrial engineering, open innovation, design science, human computer interaction as well as business. The living lab is 1) a common research infrastructure for conducting fundamental and applied research, 2) a computer lab for teaching a set of advanced graduate courses 3) a digital platform for collaborating with industry and research partners from Finland and elsewhere.


Figure 1 portrays the areas of expertise, infrastructure, activities, qualities, the main applications as well as the key groups’ of researchers that will benefits from the lab. It also indicates the alignment between the lab and the current shift from software to service systems and in the near the Internet of things.

Figure 1. Living lab components and roles in/for software and the systems design, engineering and innovation overall lifecycle