1st workshop on exploring disruptive technologies from the local community perspective

A workshop at the 11th International Conference on Communities & Technologies.
C&T 2023 – 29.05.-30.05.2023,  LUT University, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti, Finland

Call for participation


With the rise of disruptive technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, new software applications are being developed and adopted by the private and public sectors. For example, the European Union is planning on creating a universal digital identity wallet that would be adopted by all member countries. Adopting such technologies brings different challenges and barriers for the users and providers at a local, national, and international level. With the same technology, people living in rural areas will have different barriers compared to people living in a metropolitan and similarly, people living in different counries will have different barriers.

Workshop content

This workshop will explore what kind of barriers and challenges can national/international software applications, based on disruptive technologies, have when adopted by the local communities, as well as how to consider the contextual aspects to resolve issues of trust, usability, security, and privacy. As different communities will have different starting points for technology adoption, creating unique challenges, the goal is to identify how local communities and their decisions can be considered with national and international software applications that utilise disruptive technologies.

The participants can excpect discussion on how decisions and regulations affect the different communities, how communities perceive disruptive technologies, and how issues differ amongst communities. Through the workshop, participants will gain new insights on the topic and are able to share their own experiences and knowledge. The collective ideas and knowledge will be gathered and shared amongst the participants after the workshop. The workshop organizers reserve an option for a joint publication if participants are interested.

Participants from different backgrounds are welcome to join but primarily the workshop is intended for people interested in the workshop topic (disruptive technologies, privacy, trust, human-computer interaction). The workshop will prefer physical participation but hybrid attendance will be possible.

To participate, please indicate your interest by submitting a short position paper or if you are restricted by your available time, you can indicate your interest by describing your background, experience, knowledge, and what you could contribute to the workshop.

Participants are encouraged to use various options for communicating their interest, such as speculative designs, cases, conceptual frameworks, models, metrics, and tools amongst others.

The workshop can accommodate maximum of 30 participants.

Submission details

  • Submission deadline: 15.5.2023 at 23:59 (UTC +0).
  • Submissions must be in PDF format
  • Send your submissions to jiri.musto@lut.fi


The workshop is scheduled for one whole day on Tuesday 30.5.2023.

For online participation:

Topic: C&T workshop on exploring disruptive technologies from the local community perspective
Time: May 30, 2023 10:00 AM Helsinki

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 612 6495 2464
Passcode: 192185

(in UTC +2)
10:00 –
Opening of the workshop
10:15 –
Veronica Cruciani: Administrative burden for bottom up initiatives and associations – How technology is involved in the administrative burden and how it changes policymaking.
10:45 –
Bertille Auvray: Exploring potential actionable roadmaps for the adoption, escalation and sustainability of advanced eID technology by Public administrations.
11:15 –
Coffee break
11:30 –
Discussion round table: Disruptive technologies from the administrative point of view
12:30 –
Lunch break
13:30 –
Jiri Musto: Concerns of using AI
14:00 –
Nicholas Martin: Chimera of Control
14:30 –
Coffee break
14:45 –
Discussion round table: Disruptive technologies from the public point of view
15:30 –
Closing of the workshop
16:00 End of the workshop

Research exchange:
Presentations of the position papers by organisers and participants with 5-15 minutes for each presentation and comments or questions. The position papers will be shared before the workshop with all participants, and everyone is encouraged to read them before the workshop.

Group discussions:
There will be at least two sessions of group discussion. The participants will be divided into smaller groups of four to six people to facilitate discussion amongst themselves. The groups will stay the same for the duration of one session and will then be changed for the next session. Each group will be given a general theme to discuss. During the discussion, the groups should write down some notes to be shared with everyone. After fifteen to twenty minutes, the theme will change so that each group can discuss different topics. At the end of a session, the groups are encouraged to share their ideas collectively with the other groups.

Due to the low amount of people participating, the group discussions will be done with everyone participating instead of dividing the participants into smaller groups.

After the workshop:
The workshop results are collected to create an informal report of the activities and outcomes. During the workshop, possible ideas such as theoretical models, frameworks, or practical solutions will be shared with the participants. The workshop organizers reserve an option for a joint publication if participants are interested.

For more information, please contact jiri.musto@lut.fi.

For registration and accommodation information, please visit the conference website.