Exploring energy citizenship at a community level

Participants at a workshop on Energy Interface

The perceptions and attitudes towards energy in communities on the use of renewable energy may vary. The workshop aims to explore diverse perceptions and attitudes toward energy citizenship in energy-transitioning communities.

This workshop aims to explore energy citizenship at a community level, taking into consideration the various factors that enable or hinder individuals from taking sustainable actions.

The workshop’s goals are to bring diverse perspectives on energy citizenship, build a community around understanding energy citizenship, and identify important avenues for research in this area.

By creating a space for dialogue and collaboration, this workshop hopes to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of energy citizenship and its potential for creating positive change.

  • 29 May 2023

    Where is the event happening?

    C&T Workshops will run for a half or one full day and will take place on 29.05.2023, LUT University, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti, Finland, Tel. +358 29 446 2111.

    C&T 2023 will host workshops to spark discussion and exchange of experiences among (applied) researchers, practitioners, and professionals working in the field of communities and technologies, as well as non-academic actors – individuals as well as organizations – working with technologies to affect community relations. The workshops provide a platform to discuss, explore, and advance specific research areas of Communities & Technologies.

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  • Participation

    How to participate in the workshop?

    The first step participants need to do is to either register for the C&T Conference or for the workshop participation. Registraion fees and others details are provided below.

    The next step participants need to do is to fill the form to register for this workshop.

    Alternatively, participants need to do is to submit a 2-3 page position paper for participating in this workshop. The submitted position paper will be reviewed and acknowledged. The deadline for submission of position paper is 29-04-2023

    Fill the workshop participation form

    Conference and workshop registration

    Who should participate in the workshop?

    The intended participants are energy researchers, social scientists, organizational actors, civic actors, energy company executives, community practitioners, and policymakers who are interested to explore how energy citizenship manifests at the community level, both in terms of individual perspective and communal perspectives.

    What will you experience in the workshop?

    The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity for research collaboration on a topic related to energy citizenship, access to cutting-edge research and leading researchers, new research topics, gain familiarity with new energy technology, knowledge about community-based energy initiatives, and understanding of individual roles in the energy transition.

    The participants will get an opportunity to be involved in animated and rich conversations with leading researchers and academics from varied backgrounds in the backdrop of beautiful Finnish summer.

    The participants will also receive a participation certificate.

  • Registration

    Regitration is mandatory for all workshop participants.

    Registration to the 11th International Conference on Communities and Technology (C&T)(Full event / Workshop) is mandatory for participation in the workshop, which will take place on 29.05.2023, LUT University, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti, Finland.

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